Dmitry Amelchenko


Innovative, hands-on executive with record of leading design and development of high visibility technology products, improving processes and procedures to drive revenue and efficiency.

Results-oriented visionary with unique background in software engineering and design. Expertise in mobile and web applications development and infrastructure, eCommerce, enterprise software, systems integration, and product design. Strong strategic and long-range planning abilities; Diverse background covers engineering, user experience, innovation, operations, quality assurance, customer support, and marketing functions.


  • Languages: JavaScript (es6), Swift, Objective C, Java, Clojure, Ruby, C++, C, Lisp

  • Web Frameworks and Languages: KOA1-2, Express, Rails, EJB,  Spring,  Compojure, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS

  • Mobile: Native IOS and Android development, Hybrid mobile development with ReactNative and Redux

  • Testing Frameworks: Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, Cucumber, Shoulda, Rspec, Capybara, FactoryGirl , JUnit

  • Database Technologies: PostgreSQL, MySQL, ActiveRecord, MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server, DynamoDB 

  • BlockChain: Bitcoin, Ethereum

  • Version Control: Git, Subversion, CVS

  • Project Management: Trello Boards, Pivotal Tracker, Version One, Trac

  • Other: Amazon EC2, S3, capistrano, Jenkins (Hudson), TeamCity


VP of Software Engineering at ServiceChannel Ventures (Sept 2015 - Present)

In charge of technology function for the new strategic division of the company. Established highly efficient results-oriented technology team. Utilized modern tools and techniques, that are later to be adopted by the rest of the company.

Supported a mission critical business goal to Uberify the commercial contractors repair and maintenance industry. While utilizing the benefits of the systems and frameworks already in place, the goal for the division is to come up with new innovative products which will penetrate the market and revolutionize the industry. New emerging technologies are seeing as a key component to success. The new products will be strategically built for Mobile first. As a head of technology for the new division I am

  • Responsible for identifying the best suited technology stack for new systems. Ruby on Rails is chosen for the backend web services. PostGreSQL is used for the data storage since it supports GEOLocation storage and calculations out of the box (which is a key requirement for the future product line). The backend will also have admin user interface build as a responsive web application in RoR.

  • Responsible for defining architecture that supports scalability and integration with existing systems and frameworks.

  • Responsible for building 2 new engineering product teams, ensuring Agile culture which allows for quick turn around and fast delivery.

  • Responsible for day to day infrastructure operation. I chose to use Elastic BeanStalk to ensure ease of use and ability to scale in the future on demand.

VP of Software Engineering at ServiceChannel (Sept 2011 - Jul 2015)

ServiceChannel delivers a web based platform as a service solution that automates relationships between large retail clients and facility maintenance contractors. Service Channel streamlines payments processing and contractors compliance, which results in significant savings for clients. I was brought in specifically for my experience in Agile methodology. Throughout years at ServiceChannel I lead the company’s transition to Agile, which allowed the company to continue organically growing  and scaling the business.

  • Responsible for the software development within an organization. Directed the software engineering function in developing, releasing, and maintaining software applications and platforms according to business goals.

  • Instrumental in establishing and leading IT initiatives such as, improving product quality, shortening release cycle, reducing maintenance cost, improving predictability of releases, all of which aligned with the overall corporate goal of customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Lead a distributed development team including offshore developers.

  • Established streamlined collaboration process, ensuring different teams work together towards common goals, solving cross-team challenges.

  • Facilitated creative thinking process, encouraging technical teams to come up with non standard solutions solving complex business and technology problems.

  • Facilitated a strategic decision to move company's infrastructure to the cloud. Oversaw the migration to AWS.

  • Managed critical production issues resolutions.

  • Established strategic direction towards mobile platform development. Implemented successful mobile development team, which consolidated mobile efforts previously scattered throughout the company. Set architectural guidelines and coding standards for mobile platform.

  • Lead research of cross platform mobile product development initiative. Various cross platform tools and frameworks considered. Finalized the decision based on specific architectural practices, rather then relying on 3rd party tools.

  • Key participant in establishing mobile UX practices and guidelines.

  • Established agile practices throughout organization based on Scrum methodology, improving communication, planning, delivery schedule, and overall quality of products.

  • Established quality control process and implemented centralized QA organization, which reduced the overall number of bugs in production.

  • Established release management process, improving accuracy and speed of releases.

  • Lead technical implementation of the mission critical billing platform initiative, resulting in increased revenue.

  • Served as a liaison between business and IT, greatly improving collaboration between various roles in the process.

  • Hosted and facilitated reoccurring company wide webinars , presenting the progress IT is making towards corporate goals.

  • Presented new features and products on client facing webinars.

  • Active participant on the Contractor Advisory Board, establishing strong relationships between the IT and the customers.

Founder and president of Echowaves Inc. (Sept 2013 - Present)

  • Implemented IOS and Android prototype of Micro Photo Blogging mobile application.

  • Implemented backend in Clojure, hosted in AWS

  • Got the prototype to production ready product which was launched on both platforms.

  • Through hands on research, established architecture and coding guidelines that support simultaneous development on multiple mobile platforms. Code examples are available on github for review.

  • Migrated IOS application originally built in Objective C to Swift. Previously established architecture was instrumental in streamlining the migration process.

  • All work is done as open source projects available at

Web developer at Nokia (Jan 2010 - Sept 2011)

  • Worked in the team that produced best of class social experience applications targeting the mobile environment which was integrated with the rest of the Nokia Ovi services.

  • Instrumental in design, launch, maintenance, performance optimization, integration with other internal systems of RubyOnRails web application.

  • Promoted Ruby and Rails, organized and ran internal Ruby User Group.

  • Migrated the app to rails 3.

  • Established BDD practices.

  • Automated and finetuned Tomcat deployment with Jruby.

  • Troubleshooted memory leaks in production, submitted a security patches to Rails core and Jruby dev teams.

R&D software engineer at Riskmetrics (Jan 2007 - Dec 2009)

  • Worked on New generation RiskManagement application

LeadMiddleware/WebDeveloperatFirstMarblehead (Nov2004-Dec2006)

  • Lead company wide effort to migrate legacy applications to J2EE architecture. Designed and built a security infrastructure for J2EE applications. Defined build/configuration management procedures. Initiated Wiki web site that encouraged collaboration among developers and their managers. Worked with project managers to define requirements and deliverables.

Lead Middleware/Web Developer at Standard and Poor's (Jan 2003 - May 2004)

  • Worked on Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities analytics application. Influenced decisions made in the inception phase of the project. Designed and implemented Data Access Layer OR mapping defined in XML.

Lead Developer, Architect at Deutsche Bank, (Scudder Kemper Investments, Inc.) (Apr 1999 - Nov 2002)

  • Directed architecture, designed and implemented messaging based mutual fund pricing feed. Defined hierarchical fund data relationships, implementing those in a form of global services. Migrated these services to EJB, improving scalability and response time.

Programmer/Analyst at Morgan Stanley (Jan 1998 - Apr 1999)

Programmer/Analyst at Checkfree Investment Services (Oct 1996 - Jan 1998)

Consultant at (Apr 2008 -Sept 2011)

  • Set initial guidelines and directions for the project. Put a team of Rails developers together. Developed deployment and release infrastructure and procedures.



AFFILIATIONS, PUBLICATIONS, OPENSOURCE Mobile Cross Platform Development — what I’ve learned active member of boston.rb , active member of Boston Clojure group, Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)